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Whisk Egg Beater 10 inches with Wooden Handle, Silicone Top

SKU: 6944641410337B
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Silicone whisk is the last mixer you'll ever buy. You can whisk, whip, mix, or froth a delicious treat in seconds, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen. No longer do you have to use large cumbersome equipment. Moving the handle rotary allows you to whisk like a pro, and all without the use of batteries or an electrical outlet. Now you can whisk and whip dozens of incredible dishes with much less time and effort.

Product Details:

  • Silicone top: Durable silicone construction for years of enjoyable long-lasting use.
  • why silicone whisk is better???
  •  The fact of the matter is that a silicone whisk might be perfectly fine for stirring up gravy or sauce, it also performs as best as metal when asked to do one of the most essential whisking tasks like beating egg whites.
  • Instructions:
  • Whisk is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Pump It clean in seconds and then toss in the dishwasher, or run under warm water and pat dry.
  • Silicone whisk beater does 10 times the work of ordinary whisks beater, silicone whisk beater beats, whips, and emulsifies faster easier, and better than ordinary whisks.
  • The secret is the press and spin action. Save time, energy, and cleanup.
  • Won't scratch pans and is dishwasher safe and great for dressings whip cream sauces, batters, fluffy eggs, smoothies, frothed milk, and much more.

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