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SoundLogic LED Selfie Ring

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  • When it is dark and you still want to take a selfie, you prefer to look for the light so that the photo is better visible. But with this LED.
  • Selfie Ring you always have the light with you! After 'selfie' was named the word of the year in 2013, more and more extras were added such as the Selfie LED Ring.
  • With this LED Ring, you can take perfect photos of yourself with the right amount of light and possibly the perfect background that you want. Make the perfect selfie with the right amount of light. With the 36 LED lights there is a choice to have the light on the low, middle or high position, which you find comfortable.
  • Of course, you can also take selfies without the LED Ring, but with light, the selfie immediately looks a lot better than when your face is almost invisible, you can now take selfies everywhere and at what time you want! You give your selfies a big improvement. And when you are traveling, isn't it great to take a nice selfie? With this LED Selfie Ring, you can make the best holiday selfies!
  • Take advantage of this offer now while supplies last!.
  • – Suitable for every smartphone
  •  Make the best selfies!
  •  Light enough everywhere
  •  Ideal for vacation
  • Soundlogic top brand!
  •  Beautiful design
  • Soundlogic LED Selfie Ring
  • 36 LED lights.
  • 3 positions: Low – Middle – High.
  • Suitable for every smartphone.

    SoundLogic LED Selfie Ring (4186336428141)
    SoundLogic LED Selfie Ring Sale priceRs. 599.00