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Guardian Angel Personal Alarm

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ImperialHomes is presenting you guardian angel personal alarm which is easy to use. Pull out the pin to activate the alarm and set it back to stop it. Make each of your family members a sense of security. It is light in weight and easily portable as in hands or in your pockets. Perfect emergency self-protection for students, women, and night workers. Also for traveling, hiking, camping. Also a present for female friends. If a person is in danger, loud noises and high decibels can make the attacker weak and attract the attention of passers-by, increasing the likelihood of being self-assistant. Be ready to handle a dangerous situation at any time! Lightweight compact design and simple operation, hanging directly on a child's school bag or neck, reducing the probability of harm. When the elder or patient who is alone at home swiftly becomes unwell, the loud alarm sound raises the probability of getting help.

Product Details:

  • Size: Height 2-inches Width 1 inches.
  • Sound: 90 decibels.

      Guardian Angel Personal Alarm (4514279096429)
      Guardian Angel Personal Alarm Sale priceRs. 399.00