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Cooker Timer 60 minutes

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Order On WhatsApp presenting you Cooker Timer 60 minutes. Whenever you cook a meal you often feel problems whether a meal is cooked or uncooked because there are no time signals but this puzzle is now resolved. Now, this Cooker Timer can be used as the counter of cooking you can be used for 60 minutes. you can use it for a multi-purpose timer like for exercise, cooking, learning, and siesta. it is a cooker-shaped timer that can be used as an ornamental item in the kitchen or any dressing table.

How to use:

  • Wind up the spring turn the dial as clockwise as far as it will go, this is often one full turn or as far as 60 minutes.
  • Set your chosen time turn the dial anti-clockwise until the pointer on the timer lines up with your chosen time.
  • Length: 2 inch W* 3inch.

Cooker Timer 60 minutes (4544461766765)
Cooker Timer 60 minutes Sale priceRs. 899.00