Bamboo Fiber Monkey Design Kids Dinnerware Set- 5 Pcs

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ImperialHomes set holds 5 Pcs including glass, a platter shape plate, a small deep plate, a fork, and a spoon. This dinnerware set has your kid's favorite design printed on it, which gives them a ride of joy and a state of excitement on taking his breakfast or dinner. Its attractive color is also a hunger booster and your kid will say I need more. These dinnerware sets are of fine quality and contain no harmful substances. Bamboo fiber is eco-friendly, and it doesn't have any toxic substances and can be recycled, and doesn't harm the environment. Most Suitable for your kids.

Product Details: 

  • Kids Dinnerware set: 5 pcs including plate, deep plate, glass, spoon, and fork.
  • Material: Bamboo Fiber.
  • Packed in a cardboard box. shipped in a Styrofoam packet
Bamboo Fiber Monkey Design Kids Dinnerware Set- 5 Pcs
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