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Yakana Moisturising Shower Gel Yellow Blossom


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SKU: 31050002
  • Take a deep breath, and let your skin take one too. Our Relaxing Shower Gel is made with Yellow Blossom oil, known for its sweet, intoxicating and arguably romantic fragrance that promotes restoration and healing to your skin and face while you sleep.
  • Say hello to lovely skin.
  • A captivating aroma of newly opened Yellow Blossom buds.
  • This beautifully scented shower gel contains emollients and humectants that provide a lasting moisturizing effect and help to maintain the natural moisture level of the skin.
  • It not only benefits your skin but also eliminates tiresome steps in your routine. Indulge in the perfect pampering treat and uplift the mind and body.
  • Net Volume: 500 ml

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