Straw Induced Baby Feeding Bottle

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Our feeding bottles are made from non-toxic international quality glass for safety and durability. It can also be useable as breastmilk storage bottles. Its ergonomic shape provides extra comfort as it is easy to hold for the mother and even for the baby's tiny hand. Super stretchable and ultra soft peristaltic nipple allows the natural sucking motion with a round bottom, and high-quality & transparent glass material can be sterilized either by boiling or steaming & our feeding bottle is also dishwasher safe. Our feeding bottles possessed suitable straw diameters as the straw diameter considers a baby's absorption capacity. As the weight moves according to incline, the baby can drink regardless of the posture. Our feeding bottles are travel-friendly with no leakage even when the bottle is tilted or carried; it is easy to clean and store & microwave safe.

Product Details:

  • Reduces colic, burp, slit-up and gas in babies post feeding.
  • 360 Rotating Straw.
  • Recommended Age: 0 to 5 years.
  • Bottle Type: Anti-Colic Bottle.
  • Capacity: 250 ML.
  • Material: Glass.

What's included? A single feeding bottle.

Straw Induced Baby Feeding Bottle
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