Serene Baby Blanket Ruby Pink With Hand Bunny Puppet

Rs. 2,111.00 Rs. 1,689.00

This gorgeous blanket has an adorable ruby pink color and its color nicely blends with any nursery or home decor. This blanket is specially designed oversized so that it continuously keeps your young ones warm as they grow rapidly. This blanket is designed extra soft and smooth for your baby's soft skin. The back of the blanket has the feature of fleece, it will give gentle warmth during the cold season. This blanket can be used for any occasion, strolling, at the back seat of a car, or even it can be used as you hold your young ones in your arms.   

Product Details:

  • Dimension: Length: 38 inches, Width: 29 inches.
  • Age Group: 0-12 Months 
  • Material: Fleece, Flannel Front.
  • Color: Ruby Pink.

What's included?? A single blanket with a hand bunny puppet. 

Serene Baby Blanket Ruby Pink With Hand Bunny Puppet
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