Premium Quality Rich Cotton King Size Bedsheet Set 3 Pcs-Navy Blue

Rs. 3,629.00 Rs. 2,722.00

Title : is proudly premium quality rich cotton king size bedsheet set 3 pcs-navy blue that renovates your bedroom. Each and every detail is carefully printed to attain a flawless look; it will change the entire look of your space. One of the benefits of sleeping on cotton bedsheets is that since these bed sheets are soft and light, you doze off for several hours soundly and sound sleep means a happy morning the next day.

  • Good for summers: Since cotton is a light material, cotton bed sheets are good for summers. It keeps the temperature comparatively cooler and lower than other bedsheets that are rather warm. Colors like pastel, white, and even Floral bedsheets are good for the summer season. You can also choose designs of your choice for the bedsheets
  • Attraction: Gone are the days when bed sheets would mostly be white or at most, off-white! There is a number of options to take your pick from, including some attractive bed sheets in floral patterns.

Product Details:

  • Pre-shrunk and color bleed resistant
  • Allergen and toxin-free material.
  • Material: 100% Cotton, Rich Cotton
  • Contents: 1 Bed Sheet + 2 Pillow Covers
  • Bed Sheet Size: King 90 95 inches
  • Pillow Cover Size: 19 x 29 inches.
  • Cotton Fabric: 76 x 68 Rich Cotton
Premium Quality Rich Cotton King Size Bedsheet Set 3 Pcs-Navy Blue
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