Premium Quality Can Shaped Drinking Glass With Straw

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This premium can-shaped glassware is durable and perfect for everyday casual dining and all entertainment. Suitable for juice, soda, ice drinks and cocktails. This thick clear glass can withstand the sudden changes in the temperature difference between -68°F to 212°F, making them dishwasher safe. If you want to decorate this glass, you can easily do it without breakage. The can-shaped glassware is excellent for any occasion. It can withstand hot and cold drinks. It is widely loved by families, kitchens, breweries, cafes, bars and restaurants. You can use it to make perfect tea, iced coffee, smoothie, fruit juice, or other exciting holiday drinks.

Product Details:

  • Durability: The glass is dishwasher safe and microwave safe.
  • Material: Pure glass.
  • Size: 350 ml.
  • Dimension: Length 4.8 inches, Diameter 2.4 inches. 
  • Style: Can Shaped.
  • Color: Transparent.


    Before first use, please use hot water rinse off naturally by hand, and dry thoroughly.


Premium Quality Can Shaped Drinking Glass With Straw
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