Korean Wall Mount Shine Plastic Toothbrush 2 Section Caddy

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ImperialHomes is presenting you an embodiment of delicacy and happiness; a Korean wall-mount shine plastic toothbrush 2 section caddy. Because the water is able to drain away, toothbrushes can last longer. 
These small toothbrushes and toothpaste holders are a terrific way to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste collection organized in the bathroom. Each toothbrush holder can store up to two toothbrushes as well as normal toothpaste tubes in a luxury automated way. To help keep toothbrushes distinct from one another and increase hygiene, each one has its own compartment. Separate glasses will assist in maintaining a high degree of hygiene.

Product Features: 

  • Great morning luxury.
  • Considerable fine design.
  • Artifact mouthwash cup. 
  • Super easy squeeze toothpaste. 
  • Bath accessories rack.
  • Material: High-End Shine plastic.
  • Popular elements: Korean style.
  • Dimensions: Glass Height: 4 inches, Width: 3 inches, Caddy Width: 6 inches.
  • Weight:  370g Approx.

What's in the Box? 1 x Wall Mount, 2 x Cup holder, 2 Cups, 1 x Caddy.


Korean Wall Mount Shine Plastic Toothbrush 2 Section Caddy
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