Jet Black News Paper & File Rack Tray

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ImperialHomes is presenting you with a jet black newspaper & file rack tray. Its shiny black color will make an impressive impression in your office and house. It will hold your files and official letters and daily newspapers and will not make your desk, home & office messy. It will show your office, your living room, and home neat, clean, and tidy. You can use this file rack as a decorative item as well. Its luxury design will fulfill your esthetic sense. It will manage to store files, newspapers, and letters in a small area. As we all know in a home where a newspaper is a daily routine, it will make it difficult for anyone to manage newspapers, you have to discard all newspapers otherwise it will make your living room messy. But this newspaper rack will not only store newspapers of the month but also add decoration to your living room.

Product Details:

  • Usage: For newspapers and other files and paper documents.
  • Dimensions: 9.9 inches in length, width 14.9 inches, while height is 3 inches.
  • Material: Black steel.
  • Material Durability: Rust-free.
    Jet Black News Paper & File Rack Tray
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