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Egg-Perfect Color Changing Egg Timer

SKU: 6001355001067-1
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Order On WhatsApp presenting you Egg-perfect Color changing Egg timer. Whenever you boil eggs you often feel problems whether an egg is boiled or unboiled because there are no visual signals but this problem is now resolved. Now this beautiful egg timer can be used to find out the texture of egg and its form like soft, medium, hard. It senses heat rather than a time for better results and consistency. It provides you classic color and texture of an egg. It is present in many colors to satisfy your aesthetic sense.

How to use:

  • First, take water in a boiling utensil and put eggs in it.
  • Turn on the heat and put egg timer alongside eggs in water.
  • Egg timer will change its color, and you will easily identify eggs, rather it is soft, medium or hard.
  • Enjoy with the desired form of an egg.