30-Pcs Cherry Blossom High-Quality Bone China Dinner Set

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ImperialHomes is gladly presenting you a cherry blossom high-quality bone china dinner set -30 pcs. At the table, dinnerware is the first item that meets the diners' eyes. Proportion, balance, and craftsmanship are the criteria of quality dinnerware. Our product is unique and antique. The handles are wide enough for a comfortable grip of large serving bowls. The varnish is spotless, is free of holes or bubbles, and is not too thin in one area, creating a matte look. The color tones of each piece are consistent. The lids fit tightly. Bone china ceramic dinnerware set designed to last and impress your guests, the crown of your dinner party, or to upgrade your everyday dinnerware with an elegant dinner set that outlines durability. We've combined high-quality ceramic with a unique design to create a dinner set that you can use every single day without dealing with constant cracking, flaking, or chipping. Believe every meal should be complemented by dinnerware that makes you smile. That's why we’ve used premium materials to bring on durability and to enhance longevity, with lovely detailing to catch anyone’s eye. With a simple beautiful-looking pattern emphasized by a lovely tonic of color and eye-catching glaze, this elegant dinnerware set is guaranteed to impress and makes a great gift to mark any occasion.

Product Details:

  • Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.
  • Complete set for service of 6 persons.
  • Elegant patterns and lovely glaze we believe fine dinner sets shouldn’t mean fragile dinner sets.

Quantity: 30 pcs of dinnerware set with different sizes for different purposes.

  • 6 Bowls.
  • 1 Serving bowl.
  • 6 Medium plates.
  • 6 Large plates.
  • 6 Small plates.
  • 2 Serving tray.
  • 1 Salt pot.
  • 1 Tooth picker.
  • 1 Milk pot.

What's in the box? A single cherry blossom high-quality bone china dinner set.

    30-Pcs Cherry Blossom High-Quality Bone China Dinner Set
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