C&E Silver Pronged Tong

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C&E pronged tongs made of high-quality stainless steel, with no deformation, non-swelling characteristics. The elegant design makes it easy to maneuver and hold food securely and width can be adjusted. These tongs feature a three-pronged fork and a flat, round surface to secure salad in place. The forked head helps to grab leafy lettuce, while the spoon-shaped head works to scoop the toppings or even pasta salad. Non-slip tongs are easy to store and clean up. When you are done, just toss them in your dishwasher for headache-free clean-up. Great for cooking, barbecue, salads.

Product Details:

  • The pull ring technology:  Will keep your tongs from opening and closing accidentally which will allow you to facilitate better control while using them.
  • Completely heat resistant: Highly heat resistant, will not melt, warp, rust or flake into your food like cheap metal tongs or plastic tongs.
  • Best choice:  As a present to your family and friends.
  • Material:  Made of grade stainless steel, the non-slip handle provides perfect grip while you use it. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction guarantees the quality that will last years.
  • Corrosion Resistant: 100% rust & corrosion resistant.
  • Attractive Design: Good design allows you to use it more enjoyable.
C&E Silver Pronged Tong
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