Bamboo Wood Serving Tray

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  • Our cutting boards are made of premium grade natural bamboo for top durability and wonderful antimicrobial properties. Compared to ordinary wooden ones, after being exposed to sunshine and water for long, our bamboo boards are solid, anti-microbial, anti-mildew, and eco-friendly, won’t distort or crack easily.
  • Creative design helps to save more space and brings much fun. The handle is designed to make the board handier and easier for air-dry and storage.
  • There is a clear and visible bamboo pattern on the cutting board. The smooth side is specially treated for greater stability.
  • The groove keeps juices from spilling all over your kitchenware counter. 
  • Bamboo cutting boards need less cleaning work than wooden ones, just use warm water with soap and air-dry. Cleanup before the first use is recommended.
  • Our colourfully painted sky-blue/cream-white boards brighten your kitchen, making it more exquisite and lovely
  • No matter what you are preparing, your cutting board should be durable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, safe and attractive.
  • Durable natural bamboo is stronger and more beautiful than regular wood.
  • Available in white and blue.
  • Dimension: Extra Large: 18.8*10.8*0.2 Inches Large: 13.7*9.8*0.4 inches. Medium: 13.7*9.5*0.4 Inches.

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Bamboo Wood Serving Tray
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