Stainless Steel Cooking Fork
Stainless Steel Cooking Fork
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Modern Design Food Warmer
Modern Design Food Warmer
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  • These solid wood multipurpose toothpicks are sturdy enough for teeth cleaning and long enough to use as skewers for appetizers, fruits, sandwiches, cheeses, and other finger foods. They're also perfect for crafts and cleaning projects.
  • APPEALING SIMPLICITY: These wooden toothpicks are all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable. They're ideal for everyday use and also for perfecting a party spread. Each toothpick features an elegant carved detail that will enhance the appeal of any dish.
  • CLEAN & GREEN: Our firelogs burn cleaner than cordwood, producing up to 80% less carbon monoxide and 75% less particulate matter. Nearly all the materials in our products are made from renewable resources so you can be sure that your choice is a clean one.
  • EASY & AUTHENTIC: We're dedicated to bringing you only the finest quality, American-made, nature-inspired products that make it easy for you & your family to cozy up in front of the fireplace or gather around the campfire, with a simple strike of a match.
  • COMPARE & SEE THE QUALITY: Compare our line of firestarters, firelogs, and fire safety accessories to similar products by manufacturers like Duraflame, Blackwood Charcoal, Earthlog, Lightning Nuggets, Better Wood Products, Enviro-Log, Ignite-O, or Western.
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